May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Cupcakes

to all mothers..

Me and my Sister made lots of flip flops, handbags and beach hats
for Mother's day and it's just sooo fun to make :)

'The accessories'

"Colorful Flip flops and handbags especially for mothers"

'The Cupcakes'

'The Cakes'

We "Thank-you" from the bottom of our hearts.
Sincerely: artfaye & Deancakes
(more Mother's day Cupcake at deanacakes)


Sandra@miabambina said...

eeeeh that one i ate, that one also I ate.....that one also...

alaaaa..... I just realized I ATE ALOT of CUPCAKES

oh and moms....if you are wondering... the carrot cheese cake is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!
It's really really really really YUMMY!!!!

my dh complaint coz the cake vanished very very fast! I have no idea!

I ONLY had it for breakfast, mid morning snack, and after lunch dessert and afternoon tea oh and after dinner dessert..

wonder where the cakes went to ooooh?

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

ha ha ha funny la you sandra...hope you will add some are so skinny la..haha

thank you ..that recipe is created after two years of trial and error..seriously

FaYe said...

You ate everything ah?? even the flip flops?

You deserved to eat cuppiesla on Mother's day cuz you r wonderful mother to ur DDs. :)

Me and deana had it for supper you know.. :)

Sandra@miabambina said...

I ate the mini flip flop
the big one I gave to my friend.

The rest of the handbag and flip flop and flowers are all gone by my monsters!

Indy said inside the big hat, there was cream. Is it?
I said to laaa.... but then she said : it is! it got cream! it is so creamy!

FaYe said...

LOL.. gud la if you ate it, cuz it was done with TLC.

Lucky Indy huh...must got cream la.. cuz i placed the big hat on top of your vanila cupcakes at first, but it's too big on the cupcake.Inda i tukar and placed it on your cake :)