May 26, 2008

Blue and Black Wedding Monograms

Amber found me through my blog and requested wedding monograms.
I came up with 5 designs. Her colors are blue and black. I love the colors! :)

May 25, 2008

This girl has more courage than I ever could!

Congratulation Delaine Ennalyn!

I was so shocked when I read my Sister's blog about Delaine. My darling Delaine was the first runner up in Children Beauty Pageant which was hailed yesterday at Kg. Tunoh/Bahang, Penampang. She's brave enough to go up on the stage and do the 'Kaamatan catwalk' even though she's missing her two front teeth. Bravo!

May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Cupcakes

to all mothers..

Me and my Sister made lots of flip flops, handbags and beach hats
for Mother's day and it's just sooo fun to make :)

'The accessories'

"Colorful Flip flops and handbags especially for mothers"

'The Cupcakes'

'The Cakes'

We "Thank-you" from the bottom of our hearts.
Sincerely: artfaye & Deancakes
(more Mother's day Cupcake at deanacakes)

May 04, 2008

Say It with Style-Personalized Tag

Mother's Day is just around the corner ... and it's time to celebrate the Queen of our heart

For those who have placed their cupcake and cake orders
through me and deana, will be getting this tag for FREE.. :)
Thank you so much for your support!