April 29, 2008

Save The Date Card

Have you heard about SAVE THE DATE card? It's actually a save the date notice stating the date of a wedding. It has to be send out at least six months before the wedding date. The purpose of giving STD card to your recipients is to let them know to keep the date free.
Thats about it!

April 11, 2008

Mum-In-Law's Birthday Cupcakes

It's not 500 cuppies we've made last week, it was 500 plus 16 cupcakes! ;D
I almost forgot about mum's carrot cheese cupcakes. Here it is..

Happy Birthday Mum.....muah! :D

April 08, 2008

Green, Black and White Invitation

I've had a few emails from readers lately requesting for wedding card samples.
I will upload more pictures from time to time.

April 07, 2008

Sona Ashleigh's Full Moon Party

Full Moon Celebration and Cupcakes party
I just put up photos here..and let her mommy deana tells the whole story kay.. ;)

Sona's Cake: Specially made by her mommy

Dad's Creation. Cupcake Stands.
Baby cupcakes.. lots and lots of cupcakes

April 05, 2008

Sona Ashleigh Turns One Month Old Today!

Happy Full Moon my dear Sonali..

Got tagged by Osindak on Smiley Picture.. lol

(zan, nababasan sia tunggu dia senyum nie.. hehe)

April 04, 2008

500 Cuppies

I just came back from my monthly fieldtrip last monday when my sister told me there were 3 orders for cupcakes this weekend and at the same time we (sis, bro and me) were planning to bake at least 300pcs of cupcakes for Sona's Full Moon party. We started baking on Thurs night when another order came in. So, we end up baking 500 cuppies.. phewwww... Tired but satisfied.

Miranda's DD1 Birthday Cupcakes

Engagement Cupcakes requested by Sharon

Pink and Purple Cupcakes for Amy Cynthia

Picnic Cupcakes for Christine

Thank You For Your Order