February 07, 2008

Style Me Pretty!

This is my last cupcake order for Chinese New Year. The person who ordered this cuppies is not a Chinese and she wanted flowery decoration, so i just go crazy with the decor..

Aqua + brown (minus the white)
~ the combination of colors is one of my favs.

February 06, 2008

To A Hard Core Durian Fan!

I baked durian cupcakes for Susan who is working in Singapore. (but she's now in Labuan, holidaying.. :) She is a dear friend to us (me& sis) and a very loyal client too *wink*..
Okey Zan, enjoy your cuppies ...

February 05, 2008

Carrot Accident

Pun of the Day!

One fine day two carrots were walking down the street. They were the best of friends. Just as they started to step off the curb a car came speeding around the corner and ran one of them over.

The unhurt carrot called an ambulance and helped his friend as best he could. He was taken to emergency at the hospital, and rushed away.
After many hours of agonized waiting, the doctor came out. He walked over to the distraught carrot and said "I have good news, and I have bad news. The good news is that your friend is going to pull through."

"The bad news is that he's going to be a vegetable for the rest of his life".
(Poor carrot.. ohh well, at least i have you for my cakes..)

Carrot Cheese Cupcake for Taty

February 04, 2008

Curiosity Kills the Catfish..

It takes at least 3 men (My dad + 2 brothers) to catch this huge fish. It weighed more than 3 kg.We're wondering how this fish taste after a year in the pond.

Silver Catfish or Ikan Patin

The 'lo kungs' are busy in the kitchen.. eh, where's the lo pohs ah??

Ikan patin masak lemak

February 03, 2008

Wedding Photo Card

Created especially for you richella... (Ready-to-print card)

What's for dessert honey?

It's time for the King of Fruit!

Durian Cake

I've made Durian cakes a couple of weeks ago, upon request from DH..
I made two durian cakes altogether. (Picture above) Bigger cake for my family and the other one is for DH (where's the pic? aiyo... the cake disappeared very quickly-inda sempat ambil gambar pun :(

February 02, 2008

Chinese New Year Cupcakes

Requested by Sandra
Requested by Cat