July 27, 2008

Cupcakes and more cuppcakes...

Bro: Can we pull it all together without Sifu (Deana)?
Me: Can ... of course we can (sound hesitant :)), we have too la!

Pictures below are the "fruits of our labor" (*grin*)
+ wedding cake +birthday cake (previous post

Custom Design Cupcake for Shirley

Purplish floral decor for Osindak

Multi-colored,chocolate and vanilla flavored cupcakes for Sharon

Cuppies for shabbymom (Sri)

'Other Cupcakes Design'

Car cupcakes for Ted

Turtle and mushroom cupcakes.. again?? *wink*

Me: We did it bro! (never thought we actually pull it off ;)
Now lets send MMS to our dear sifu.. hehe

ThaNk YoU ladies!!!

1st Birthday Cake

'Enchanted Garden 'cake for a little girl's birthday

Can you spot my little turtles?

Happy 1st birthday Larra Elysa!

White Wedding Cake

It's called a Wedding Cake
I didn't get the couple's name but this 3 tiers cakes
was ordered by Clarissa all the way from Keningau

First tier cake- Chocolate Cake

Second tier cake- Butter Cake

Third tier cake - Chocolate Cake

-Thank You ,Clarissa-

July 25, 2008

Turtle and Mushroom Cupcakes

My latest obsession!

Mr &Mrs. Turtle Smith.. :)

The past week, I have been obsessed with making turtle and mushroom figurine.

Osindak was the first lucky person to receive the turtle cupcake topper.
So, did you ate em' ? (will post more 'cute' pictures at deanacakes soon...)

July 19, 2008

Wedding Cupcakes ( Mr & Mrs. Sumadi O.Tusay)

A Big Thank You goes to Sharon S
(who ordered the cupcakes on their behalf)

Vanilla cupcakes with lavender-colored fondant and buttercream icing

July 13, 2008

Birthday Cupcake: Flip Flops Cupcake

Christine requested red-pink flip flops cuppycakes for her sister's birthday.

Edible flip flop cupcake toppers

July 06, 2008

Wedding Cake (Forena+Tony)

We've made it! Wedding Cakes project done by my sister, my brother and me... :)
I personally delivered and set up our wedding cakes at IATC yesterday.

To Tony & Forena:

Congratulations on your wedding,
Hope you have many wonderful years together