July 27, 2008

Cupcakes and more cuppcakes...

Bro: Can we pull it all together without Sifu (Deana)?
Me: Can ... of course we can (sound hesitant :)), we have too la!

Pictures below are the "fruits of our labor" (*grin*)
+ wedding cake +birthday cake (previous post

Custom Design Cupcake for Shirley

Purplish floral decor for Osindak

Multi-colored,chocolate and vanilla flavored cupcakes for Sharon

Cuppies for shabbymom (Sri)

'Other Cupcakes Design'

Car cupcakes for Ted

Turtle and mushroom cupcakes.. again?? *wink*

Me: We did it bro! (never thought we actually pull it off ;)
Now lets send MMS to our dear sifu.. hehe

ThaNk YoU ladies!!!