May 26, 2008

Blue and Black Wedding Monograms

Amber found me through my blog and requested wedding monograms.
I came up with 5 designs. Her colors are blue and black. I love the colors! :)


U.Lee said...

Hi Faye, was at Deana's noticed your callsign. Wow! You sure one talented lady. Love those mongrams.
And your cupcakes? Looks so beautiful and delicious. Can get their scent here too, ha ha. Can I come over, eat three with ice coffee? Ha ha, just kidding.
Ya, Dean's daughter very pretty in her national dress.
You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

C A T said...

u knw i was inspired by ur so called 'save the date' card that i create 1 for us as well, but was rejected by my other half bcos it was PINK in color.sigh!panat only i did =P
btw, thnks for the creative idea faye!

FaYe said...

Hi Lee..

Did i hear coffee?? coffee and cupcakes..yum-yum..

Ooh Delaine is not dean's daughter. She is our niece. She's very close to us. She called us "mama" too.. :)

same goes to you. Cheer!

FaYe said...

Aiya, kena reject ah? what color your 'other half' prefer?

You still have time to do another one.. good luck! and post it in your blog. me wanna look n see.. :)