December 17, 2007

Melvin + Elizabeth Wedding Invitations

Melvin + Elizabeth (05.01.08)
Aunt Patricia called me last week and asked me to custom-designed her
son's wedding invite, and she gave me one week to do 400 pieces of invitation cards!. ("roll eyes")
I managed to pull it all together in the nick of time... whew!!

Green olive dotted flower

Maroon theme color


chegu carol said...

cantik oh..simple yet very different frm the usual invites i always see.

FaYe said...

thanks carol.

Deana E said...

and done in few days ja to get few hundred bucks..somebody has to belanja me seeing lots of bling bling this month..muc better than writing can i have an expensive present..?

FaYe said...

bought your present already lor.. err not for you but for the baby.. heehee... barang baby punyala expensive...