December 26, 2007

Christmas Cupcakes Baking Marathon

I thought of spending my Christmas holidays watching Gordon Ramsey's (the F word) cooking Marathon, in the end I was doing baking marathon myself.. lol

December, 21st
(Chocolate Cupcakes for Flora)

December, 22nd
(Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes for Susan (S'pore))

December, 23rd
Chocolate Cupcakes for Debbie (Seremban)

December, 23rd
(Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes for carol)

December, 24th
(Carrot Cheese Cake for Jocinta)

Chocolate Cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes

Thanks a bunch gals for ordering my cupcakes...


chegu carol said...

the cupcakes are sure a winner to the kids here. semua mcm tu oliver twist, " i want some more please"..LOL

thanks Faye for the lovely cupcakes. next year lagi ah...or perhaps nanti kalu ada occasions, sia minta bikin lagi, can? :)

Deana E said...

sob and avis baked too but i thought of taking pictures when we open all the cakes for cutting..tau tau..all the cupcakes 'went missing' when i asked around they can we all tahan oh kak..'cute and sadap'..ada yang mengaku makan sampai 5..i know i should learn my lesson now..TAKE PICTURES BEFORE DELIVERY!..

osindak said...

wowww.. so sadap!!!

FaYe said...

Carol - Thanks carol... 'sudi-sudi'kan meng'order' lagi ya..

Sis dena - yeah, you should take photo first ba tu..

Susan - ba bila mau rasa cupcakes sia? heehee..