November 27, 2007

Mad about sugar paste

What is sugar paste??

Sugar paste is used for making all kinds of fancy and edible decorations, such as flowers, ribbons, bows, leaves, and it can be molded into figurines, trees, and animals too. Sugar paste or gum paste is really a pliable "sugar dough". It can be tinted, painted on or dusted with decorating dusts.

I did my own sugar paste and I sometimes used them as a toppers on my cupcakes.

I have just finished making a total of 750 pieces of sugar paste flower for someone.


queen quirin said...

hai there. does the suger paste need to be mixed 1st than you can shape it or it is already mixed and u just need to shape it? Kalau kena bancuh dulu apa bahannya?

deanacakes said...

wow..making 750 pieces in 2 days is tough!! This is what i used to make before she took me expensive gift la this christmas,you are makng more money than me now and i didn't even charge consultation fee hahaha

FaYe said...

hi quirin... yeah, you need sugarpaste dough to make sugarpaste flower etc.. we do sell readymixed sugarpaste dough, kan kak? minta comfirmation dr sifu ni

FaYe said...

you have no idea how extremely tired i was last night.phew!

queen quirin said...

pandai la ko mo business aaaaa... eh indak2 ko kasi jak sa dia punya recipe. LOL