November 25, 2007

Christine + Eric (24.11.07)

A Wedding Wish ( to the newly wed!)
May God richly bless you both as you begin your life as one.
May He give you all the things that it takes to make a successful marriage—

Health & Happiness--so you can learn to have fun with each other.
Pain & Sadness--so you can learn to comfort each other.

Trials & Tribulations--so you can learn to rely on each other.
Peace & Comfort--so you can learn to be closer to each other.

Weakness--so you can learn to need each other.
Strength--so you can learn to encourage each other.

To endure all these things and to be what the other needs,
May God give you wisdom and grace
May your bond of love be made stronger
With everything you face.


Deana E said...

Cute chris here..petite.

Chris said...

Faye!!!finally i sign up for this blog then only i can post a comment here..thanks for everything.for being my witness n the lovely cupcakes!everybody loves the cuppies :)..shud hv ordered more ..

FaYe said...

thanks for the comment dear...
Come back to sabah so that we can make cupcakes together(-gether) lol...

日月神教-任我行 said...
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