October 08, 2007

Cupcake Girl???

Hubby: cupcake girl…?
Me: Err.. yeah, nice name for my blog. Hmmm..but the blog is not all about cupcakes so I just stick with Arfayela. hehe..

I took a day off from the office last Friday just to bake these cuppies. My brother and my 4+months pregnant sister help me to bake and decorate a total of 150 cupcakes.

Vanila CupCake with vanilla buttercream.
These cuppies is not for SALE. I gave away these cakes for the residents of San Damiano, Kiulu last saturday.

I received a message via sms from Cila later in the evening..
It said: Hi kak.. thank U 4 D kek kak buat kelmarin ah. Sedap betul oh kak ..


Dena E said...

ya, i saw both of them took 2 pieces..i takut takut tidak cukup and we all pun sampai tidka mau makan.but at last each o fus took one juga.i love the peppermint cream.

gLaDieZz said...

Boleh I ada recipe?

gLaDieZz said...

Thank you thank you! smiLes