October 30, 2007

Apple Day

Do you know that Apple day fall on 28 September? well , I don't (hehe..)
Made this cupcake a couple weeks ago. just a little experiment with apple actually..
This is my contribution to Apple day.. I know it's late but better late than never,right?..


Deana E said...

ada ka apple day? hmm..oren day ada? wah,cam sedap nie..

queen quirin said...

Mcm sedap o the food. Bila la I got the chance to comment your "passion" ni?

FaYe said...

Not sure about oren day..

FaYe said...

hehe cian.. everytime i bake cupcakes kan i will only eat not more than 2 pieces. i will get 'osumo'. so the rest of the baking will be delivered to my parents house. Cupcakes for breakfast.. lucky them! ..i haven't got the change to bake black forest cupcake yet..