March 04, 2008

Birthday Cupcake For Nicole

Happy 3rd Birthday Nicole!

p/s Thanks Sandra :)


Sandra@miabambina said...

Thanks Faye
Nicole is so proud of her cuppies!
And Indy is soo jealous of her LOL
anyway I just want to say again that you TAKE A GREAT PHOTO as always....
very artistic..!
what is your camera ya?
hahaha want to blame camera pula....
it is skill right the most important...not the camera...
and I am amazed with you, you are working , make cakes, and STILL can take great photos!

FaYe said...

Thanks Sandra.. hey, you've made day!
I only have my old Nikon digital camera ohh.. lol.

Thanks again ya.. and have a nice day!

Genny said...

Hi Faye!!
I saw your looks yummy and nice lah. Next time i go back to KK....maybe i can order some from you. Noi told me you are into baking cupcakes. If you are confuse who i am,....I'm Genny who is sharing the same blog with Noi on

FaYe said...

Hi Genny... Thanks! Yeah, I'm totally hooked on baking cuppies and cookies.. lol
Noi told me about you.. a bit la.. lol

Read you blog already and the food at TGIF are awesome.. so delicious.. I wish they have TGIF branch, here in kk.. :(